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A Long awaited update.

So, I have been having weird things happen lately and wasn’t sure what it was.

First, I started out with what seemed like a c-diff infection, pains in the stomach and bad smell etc, with very urgent urgency. I was put on flagyl.

At the time I also had what was thought to be a cold… then a bacterial infection… then a chest infection… and then a virus (clearly, doctors dont know much do they?)

Flagyl did nothing and I was beginning to feel weaker and weaker. The diarrohea went away, yet i still had pains and urgency and was going to the bathroom 3-4 times a day.

I was getting very bad stomach pains, that felt like stabbing pains, that would disrupt my day and I couldn’t eat (or even drink) much without feeling worse. I couldn’t do anything.

I have been very bloated and look pregnant.

I have been feeling very tired and have also had alot of muscle and joint pain, as well as nausea and headaches.

I saw my gastroenterologist finally on Monday. Turns out that I am in a flare. I have been put on a tablet called bismuth and have had my steroids increased. I have to call him in two weeks to see how to go from here. Praying this will work.

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